PMI imports, distributes & develop salon-centric brands in Indonesia. Value adding the professional hairdressing industry.

The 90's Indonesian salon industry boom now a generation later; with social media as the most preferred platform of information exchange. The older together with the current generation of hairdressers demands something more. Both them and their clients are a swipe away to latest hair trends and products from around the world. It's not just a haircut, color or style anymore; everyone wants a story; a story that explains how they are and who they’d be. These habitual syndrome spurs new framework throughout the world on how a hairdresser or salon now looks at their clients and themselves. And even here in Indonesia, they’d want to be a part of something more, something global.


The depth of understanding in the Indonesian hairdressing landscape has allowed us to learn from the mistakes of previous generation and adds on to what has stayed right. We search for products that can cater to an untapped demand, a blue ocean. We picked products that have people behind the brands who wants to go in for the long haul. So yes, we curate them, we import them, then we develop them throughout the archipelago.


A challenging; yet fulfilling job for our team. 

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