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PMI Indonesia Head Office is based in CBD Jakarta. To speak to our PR, Marketing and Administration teams, or to discuss business opportunities, please contact us via the contact form located here.


PMI Indonesia Warehouse is centralised near Jakarta’s International Port, with experienced  channel distribution managers, sales reps for salons and telesales who can assist salons in more remote area. With our technical educators servicing every main city throughout the archipelago.


PMI Indonesia has trade-only retailers that are located in major cities in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Bali. Talk to our retail rep for our trade-only special promos and special prices.

our archipelago operations

We are here to help your products stocked-in and available throughout the archipelago:

  • Salon

    • Database of more than 1200 premium active salon doors

    • Works with chain salons, and single doors.

    • Our in-house education and marketing teams to promote your messages.

    • Sales representatives in each salon helps to cover more grounds than just restocking them.

  • Omni Chanel

    • Modern Retailers – Sephora Indonesia, Sociolla

    • Professional salon retailers – every cities in Indonesia has a local salon supplier

    • E-commerce platforms – sephora.co.id / sociolla.co.id

  • Nail Spa

    • Direct to channel – 400 premium active nail spa doors

    • Sub distributor Channel – covers main cities in Indonesia






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